Notary Officers in Mexico

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A Notary Officer is an Attorney at Law invested with Public Faith by the State and authorized to give public faith of deeds and facts.

Its labor requires him or her to be a person with a high sense of ethics and legality when acting. Society entrusts him/her to carry out the necessary acts to give order to the estate and other legal aspects of persons.

A Notary Officer helps and gives advice to people to carry out procedures of several nature to be included into a Protocol (into Public Deed) such as purchase-sale agreements, testaments and testamentary or intestate successions, ownership conveyances, granting of mortgages, formation of companies and corporations, as well as other deeds related to them, powers of attorney, etc. And likewise, Outside Protocol, such as letters of instructions, testimonial declarations, donation of organs and documents of anticipated will (ratified by him/her), etc.

A Notary Office grants public faith, which is the confidence by society that the documents issued by the Notary Officer are deemed true.

The Notary Officer has the obligation to answer all questions and concerns in the best manner possible.

To become a Notary officer in Mexico, required is:

To be Mexican by birth and between 25 and 60 years old at the time of becoming a Notary officer.

Have a degree in Law and Federal License. To have the experience and knowledge of the law.To have worked at least one year under the direction and responsibility of a Notary officer in his jurisdiction.

Approve one first examination as Candidate to Notary Officer. Make a second exam, at which he/she contests with other Candidates to obtain the highest qualification in order to receive the patent to exercise as a Notary Officer.

A Notary Officer also participates at several social campaigns such as: free Legal advice and orientation at the premises of the Bar of Notary Officers, Creation and carrying out of Notarial Journals, at which several services are offered to the people with the support of the Legislation Board and Federal Government, the campaign “September Month of Testament”, with which promoted is the granting of testaments throughout the country.

Land regularization programs with the purpose that the persons may hold title to their property in their name. Programs of support for small and medium size companies (PyMES), with the purpose of favoring competitiveness in this country.

For further information, free advice prior appointment at Telephone: 322 297 07 29

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