Last Will and Testament

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This is the only legal form, safe and efficacious,so that when a person dies, his/her estate and rights go to the persons he/she decides. Thus the heirs do not get a situation, but rather a support.

Testament can be granted as of 16 years of age.

A Testament is granted before a Notary Officer. There is no need for witnesses except in special cases (not being able to or know how to sign, not being able to or not know how to read, or lack the senses of sight or hearing), or if thus requested by the interested party of the Notary Officer.

A testament can be granted as many times as desired. Only the last legally granted Testament is valid. Each time a new testament is made, the precedent one is automatically invalidated.

A copy of the testament is given to the grantor; another copy stays in the book of protocol of the Notary Officer.

If the Testament becomes misplaced, the Notary may issue another copy of the same or explain what to do to get one.

If you do not grant testament, your family will face significant expenses and lose time. Frequently, they shall also face serious problems between those who consider themselves to be entitled to receive the estate of the deceased.

When someone dies without leaving a testament, the succession proceeds are known as intestate trial; in the State of Nayarit this can be processed with a Notary Office if certain requirements of the law are met; or before a family court with the aid of an attorney.

When someone dies without leaving his/her testament, the Judge or the Notary Officer who see to the case determine which persons are the heirs by law.

Within a Testament it is you who decide who will hand over your estate to the heirs: the Tutor onto whom you shall entrust the care and education of your minor children; the Executor; who shall watch over the Tutor to carry out his duty: the Guardian; if you wish to leave alimony for a special person.

The month of September is determined to reduce the cost to the public in general and per agreement of Notary officers, members of the National Association of Mexican Notary Officers, the cost to grant testament has been reduced to senior adults and members of the armed forces throughout the year.

To grant testament does not mean that someone is going to die; on the contrary, this means that he/she wants to live in peace.

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